Špela Težak Receives Prestigious Business Elite “40 Under 40” Award

Business Elite’s “40 Under 40” is an international award programme of Global Top Brand Award, established in Toronto in 1985 which recognises outstanding young entrepreneurs and leaders (all under the age of forty) from all over the world. The 2019 edition of “40 Under 40” summit was held Amsterdam (NL), on October 23rd 2019, where 40 selected business leaders, visionaries, and innovators received their individual ‘2019 Business Elite Awards’ and have thus joined the infamous Business Elite’s “40 Under 40” alumni network. Spela Tezak (SLO), president at CET Platform Society is one of this year’s awardees and recipient of this unprecedented recognition of her leadership excellence.

As a dedicated youth worker with 10+ years of hands-on experience specialising in crosscultural communications and development of competence in the field of social economy, she convinced the international advisory board with her remarkable project track record and skills. In 2015 Spela was one of the founders of CET Platform Society (CET = Creativity, Education and Travel), a newly established branch of CET Platform Network – international initiative for the development of young people all over Europe. Within CET Spela developed 2 learning programmes: Mind My Business (a youth exchange for Millenials in the field of entrepreneurship and digital media) and The Guerrilla Experiment (a learning programme for Digital Nomads to experiment ideas and tactics in the real-time environment). She also worked as a digital correspondent for the Art Stays Festival, a consultant of the coordinator for the European Capital of Culture Ptuj 2025 in the fields of NGO and communications, and a tour manager for a variety Slovenian top-notch tour operators. Today CET Platform Society is one of the pioneering NGO hubs in Drava region. CET = Creativity, Education and Travel. Tezak was a member of a training team at Media Sapiens Network by Life Zone Estonia during 2013 – 2015. She then excelled as a PR Specialist of DJs Timo G and Sasha Mikac, a team member at Festival Forestland during 2015 – 2016. During the 2017 Spela has worked as PR Specialist at Funky Guerrilla, a social enterprise from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have taken part at the Erasmus for Entrepreneurs program in London in 2018. Since 2014, she was published at Rutage Magazine, TheThirdWine.com, Ptujinfo.com and Večer.

The “40 Under 40” award is an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experience, networking and business collaborations. Additionally, it offers a unique chance for promotion of CET, Slovenia, and the region. For the first time this year the award recognised the achievements of leaders from South Eastern Europe. Tezak, who is from Slovenia, stood back to back with Ana Nives Radović, director of Tourist Organisation Kotor, Danilo Kalezić, senior PR and Marketing Manager of Porto Montenegro, Ardian Hoxha, owner of American School of Kosovo, Demir Hodzic, general manager at Hotel and Resort Level Up in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Igor Popovski, owner of Crnobelo Media North Macedonia, and 34 other young leaders from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia.

Alen Krajnc, CET Platform Society, Head PR & Creative Communications

8. 11. 2019